DO WE HAVE PROPER SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE (think of the behemoth power of the AIPAC lobby) in USA?

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz of THE DAILY SHOW-- Fact Sheet (the chief head writer for THE DAILY SHOW was


--a Fact Checking NGO affiliated with Soros Open Society
--just recently the Poynter Institute received $737,400 in federal loans from the Paycheck Protection Program during the COVID-19 pandemic. President Neil Brown noted that this was not the first time the institute received government funding, noting past training contracts with Voice of America.) Omidyar Network and the National Endowment for Democracy have provided funding since 2015 to the Poynter Institute to become the home of international "fact-checking" overseen by NGOs of the "hidden state". Chief managing script and political writer for Jon Stewart's THE DAILY SHOW, ADAM CHODIKOFF, has long been the point of the spear of these hydra headed Poynter Institute "fact checkers" (like in a game of checkers) that have take over the internet more and more since 2015 (think of the duplicitous FACTCHECK.ORG ...

The Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) -- which receives much of their funding from grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Many media analysts rate FactCheck(dot)org along with an aggregate of 5 other official "Fake News" sources. Omidyar Network and the National Endowment for Democracy have provided funding since 2015 to the Poynter Institute to become the home of international "fact-checking" overseen by NGOs of the "hidden state". Chief managing script and political writer for Jon Stewart's THE DAILY SHOW, Adam Chodikoff, has long been the point of the spear of these hydra headed Poynter Institute "fact checkers" (like in a game of checkers) that have take over the internet more and more since 2015..

JON STEWART is NED, and an 'alien' regime changer??

Jon Stewart ties to NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and NDI (National Democratic Institute--a branch of NED) and VOA and Poynter Organization
(Stephen Colbert has always followed in Stewart's back room footsteps);
Rachel Maddow is no progressive either, being born into a pro Israel defense industry Jewish family background and never coming out of this closet and telling her viewers--WE NEED MORE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN USA AGAIN!

It has long been suspected (especially by Cubans in Cuba) that both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (and John Oliver) got their start with concealed NED support (National Endowment for Democracy). Jon Stewart was a feckless nobody until his first "pro-democracy/color revolution" kiss. In 1998 he was still screwing around in bit movie parts like THE FACULTY. Just one year later in 1999 he had 'sudden success' as "news guru" for Comedy Central. Go figure.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jiv5JxmUww

Jon Stewart and his ties to NED.

Jon Stewart and NDI ... 
Adam Chodikoff, long time senior producer of Jon Stewart's (nee Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) The Daily Show, was dubbed The Secret Research Weapon Of ďThe Daily ShowĒ and he is in the groove with NED and NDI and on their guest list at conferences and speeches via the POYNTER ORG.††

Adam Chodikoff of The Daily Show doubles as key speaker at Omidyar Network and the National Endowment for Democracy who have provided funding to the Poynter Institute to become the home of mysterious international fact-checking network


Jon Stewart and John Oliver "working for NED". This Max Blumenthal video flushes out of the NED closet, John Oliver, see minute 17:00

Jon Stewart & Poynter Org and NED and Omidyar & VOA Iranian activist Kambiz Hosseini

On the other side of the "fake lefty" spectrum, according to URL quotes and links, the Rachel Maddow family goes back to Russian Jewish immigrants deep in the US conventional and nuclear bomb/weapons aerospace industry, back to even her grandfather in early Cold War 1950s (with defense contractor Convair in San Diego & with Grand Central at Tucson Municipal Airport), and her grandmother with Hughes Aircraft, and her fatherís pals in GE nuclear energy/weapons/NBC monopoly news revolving door matrix. Her father is also very high still today with critical water shortage supply ownership politics/law in California, with Israel closely watching the technology and dynamics of water ownership there. ††

foto: Jon Stewart chumming/slumming around with Iranian NED color revolution activist Kambiz Hosseini, darling of Voice of America broadcasts and NPR.

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz aka Jon Stewart, lashing out at NED enemies Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the persona of his smart ass journalist alter ego on The Daily Show in 2006:


Cuban TV identifies lead NED/USAID/NDI executives in both Cuba and Venezuela


2011 Ė Up to 90% of Al Jazeera and Press TV news reporters are former BBC or CIA or MI6


2012 --Cubans against NED subversion


check out this classic old issue of STREET NEWS NYC, the former standout newspaper on homeless and medical care and veterans issues in Greater New York City


click here to check out, "NED, how it uses its license to kill around the globe"




Major Kabbalah Cults in Girona, border of Catalonia & Provencal region, during time of Eleanor of Aquataine and the 1st and 2nd Crusades to Antioch and the Holy Land

Pre-Mingrealian MEDEA was niece of Minoan Queen PasiphaŽ, victims of Hebraized Jason & the Argonauts, all circumsized according to their Jasonic tribal customs.

PasiphaŽ, like her niece Medea, was a mistress of magical herbal healing arts & from Mingrelia/Abhkazia (Georgia). The Bibliotheke records the fidelity charm she placed upon Minos, who would ejaculate serpents and scorpions, killing any unlawful concubine; but Procris, with a protective herb, lay with Minos with impunity. In mainland Greece, PasiphaŽ was worshipped as an oracular goddess at Thalamae, one of the original koine of Sparta. The geographer Pausanias describes the shrine as small, situated near a clear stream, and flanked by bronze statues of Helios and PasiphaŽ. His account also equates PasiphaŽ with Ino and the lunar goddess Selene.

Cicero writes in De Natura Deorum that the Spartan ephors would sleep at the shrine of PasiphaŽ, seeking prophetic dreams to aid them in governance. According to Plutarch, Spartan society twice underwent major upheavals sparked by ephors' dreams at the shrine during the Hellenistic era. In one case, an ephor dreamed that some of his colleagues' chairs were removed from the agora, and that a voice called out "this is better for Sparta"; inspired by this, King Cleomenes acted to consolidate royal power. Again during the reign of King Agis, several ephors brought the people into revolt with oracles from PasiphaŽ's shrine promising remission of debts and redistribution of land.

PasiphaŽ origins were from Georgian Colchis, she was given in marriage to King Minos of Crete (Minoan culture), and her son Asterion, who was strangely named by Minoan enemies, the Minotaur, a myth which obsessed even Picasso! Strange that the world through historians believes Greeks were somehow deeply involved in all of this, scribes paid by the victors to smear the defeated!!

PasiphaŽ was the daughter of Helios, the Titan god of the sun, and Perse, of the Oceanids. Like her doublet Europa, her origins were in the East, in her case at Colchis; she was the sister of Circe, AeŽtes and Perses, and she was given in marriage to King Minos of Crete. With Minos, she was the mother of Acacallis, Ariadne, Androgeus, Glaucus, Deucalion, Phaedra, Xenodice, and Catreus. She was also the mother of "starlike" Asterion, called by the Greeks the Minotaur.

Rediscovered history of rise of Monotheism in Egypt & Israel on parallel timeline paths

Rebbe rocky writes: Actually, from my own reading, the history of both Egypt and Israel are very sketchy and spotty with myths and "historical text writing of the conquerors over the vanquished". Moses grew up in Egypt, many say about the time of Amenhotep's reign. Moses direct linear descendants were Solomon and David, both killer warriors and practitioners of witchcraft/occult arts. Akhenaten was the successor of Amenhotep, and he elevated the same kind of MONOTHEISM for the first time in Egypt as did David and his bullies in Judah/Palestine, and he also practiced magic. Saul was a kind of good guy, as were lots of the other Jewish Semitic tribes, particularly the Philistines. David and fellow Jew Saul had a very very troubled relationship. Somehow Saul was told by David's Witch of Endor he would die because God fell out of favor with Saul and now was keen only on David. This was very convenient for the aggressive, and ambitious to a fault, David. At this time there were many Jewish tribes, and Saul's tribe and the Canaanites and the Samaritans, seemed to many to be pretty good folk by one and all, except by David's commando cult Monotheists. David wiped nearly all of the other Jewish tribes out if they did not want to be absorbed into his Kingdom, and the Zion Hebrew belief today of Monotheism and that ONLY the Jews were Chosen by God, has continued since this bloody era with many Jewish tribes as victims to David. Egyptian history seems to have taken a bad turn also around this very same time, towards Absolutism and War, after the Monotheism of Akhenaten too, which is parallel to this same timeline development in Judah with David's killer elite and his cult zealots.

It would be a very different world today if these nice Jewish tribes had been the winners. Let us hope these more "kind and gentle" Jewish tribe descendants, along with descendants of the ancient Minoans and Colchis, and Atlanteans, have a chance to reemerge due to all the down time of the planet due to Cov19 shutdowns!